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About Us

Brendle Fire Equipment was founded in 1960 by Mr. F. C. (Kit) Brendle’s father, Mr. F. C. Brendle, Sr. and his brother, Mr. H. W. Brendle, Sr. Upon retirement of Mr. Brendle, Sr. in 1976, Brendle Fire Equipment was rearranged under the following separate entities with 100% ownership to each of Mr. Brendle’s sons: 


Brendle, Inc. was owned by Mr. H. W. Brendle, Sr. until his retirement (fire extinguishers, kitchen hood systems, etc.). Two of his sons, Idus Brendle, Kent Brendle now run this company.


Brendle Fire Equipment evolved into a corporation for fabrication of material supplies and piping fabrication owned by Mr. W. E. Brendle, Sr. Upon his retirement, the company was sold to Tom Ward. 


Brendle Sprinkler Co., Inc. under the ownership and leadership of Mr. F. C. (Kit) Brendle, Jr. has been immediately successful as a leader in the Alabama fire protection sprinkler industry and continually strives to protect its reputation for outstanding quality of work, fairness and cooperation with its customers, and honesty at all times.